North Central RTD and City of Santa Fe Transit System Consolidation Analysis


During the City of Santa Fe’s budget discussions earlier in the year, the Mayor, Council, and City Manager discussed various ideas about creating cost efficiencies with several city services including transit. In order to better understand the opportunities for service coordination, cost efficiencies and coordination, the City Council passed a resolution in April 2016 calling for a feasibility study for transit consolidation between the City of Santa Fe and the North Central Regional Transit District (NCRTD).


The consultant team will develop a number of consolidation options. A final document describing the preferred option(s) will be prepared. Even if no consolidation is ultimately recommended, this study will include short, mid, and long term strategies that can be used to achieve a more coordinated system.

Funding for the $150,000 study is being provided by the New Mexico Department of Transportation which is contributing $120,000 in federal transit grant planning funds, with an additional $15,000 each to be provided by NCRTD and City of Santa Fe.

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